The start of 2018 represents an opportunity to imagine fresh, new pathways to advancing the brand of your business – a chance to contemplate innovative strategies for realizing goals and exceeding expectations in critical areas of performance that can contribute to the success and growth of your brand in the new year. No matter the size of your business or organization, investing in customized, budget-friendly DEI resources and practices will be one of the ways in which you can sustain or realize a competitive edge in your industry or area of service in consistently evolving business and cultural climates. Doing so can maximize your organization’s success in such areas as recruiting and retaining highly talented, diverse thought leaders and employees; expanding your business into diverse markets; enhancing the professional development and cultural competency of your workforce; improving employee relations, workplace culture and teambuilding skills among your employees and increasing workforce productivity and investment.

For those serving in key leadership positions within for-profit businesses and nonprofit entities, your roles have never been more important when it comes to communicating your investment in the resources that are most vital to your organization: people. Now more than ever, the success and growth of your brand depends on an increased investment in human resources – both internal and external to your organization. Consider the start of a new year a moment to set new, inspired intentions to demonstrate your commitment to human resources – from those serving at every level of your workforce, including organizational thought leaders responsible for defining the mission and vision for your business; supervisory personnel whom oversee the realization of organizational goals and communicate such expectations to employees, as well as committed staff whom your business relies upon to facilitate the everyday practices and processes that ultimately make possible the success of your brand, not to mention the consumers, clients and communities whom benefit from and invest in your products or services.

While the benefits of integrating DEI-informed principles into business and organizational practices is well-documented, taking the first steps toward initiating such processes can be as intimidating as they are exciting even for the most well-intentioned business and organizational leadership. One of the reasons we at Project 986 believe in building partnerships with our clients while helping them reach their DEI goals is because we know that in ever changing business and cultural climates, your employees, staff, consumers and clients are increasingly mindful of and impacted by the values and priorities communicated through your organization’s practices as well as how they are communicated.

For instance, the everyday workplace experiences of your employees and staff can be adversely impacted by a lack of organizational investment in professional and leadership development opportunities from which they might otherwise benefit, and a failure to integrate organizational processes that could inspire teambuilding and positively impact employee relations can negatively impact workforce productivity and impede the profitability of your business. In addition, your capacity to hire and retain a highly skilled workforce strengthened by the contributions of a diverse workforce and creative perspectives can be compromised without an investment in results-oriented DEI recruitment and employee retention strategies. Similarly, diverse consumers, clients and communities are making informed choices about the brands and organizational missions in which they invest, serve, and support when given the option, making more urgent the need for business and organizational leadership to be responsive to the interests and trends characterizing diverse markets in their advertising, public relations and outreach efforts.

No matter where your DEI journey begins in the interest of brand and organizational development, as an organizational leader, visionary, or influencer, taking your first steps toward sending a clear message to your workforce, markets and communities about your investment in them can set a profitable example for your competitors to follow in the new year.

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