About Project 986 Consulting

About Project 986 Consulting, LLC

Project 986 Consulting, LLC provides an array of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) services uniquely designed to help organizations, businesses and agencies (for profit and nonprofit entities) advance their brands and realize or maintain competitive edges in their respective industries and areas of service.  We do this by assisting clients in the process of integrating DEI principles into their missions, goals and practices.  Where larger firms adopt “one size fits all” models to DEI consulting with less focus on relationship-building, we prioritize our clients’ unique brands and missions while developing trustworthy partnerships that inform customized, business-savvy DEI strategies contributing to long-term organizational growth, success and development in changing cultural, national and global climates.

As the Result of Partnering with Project 986 Consulting, Clients Will Become More Capable of:

  • Attracting highly talented, diverse qualified thought leaders and employees to influential, key positions within your organization
  • Increasing workforce productivity leading to the efficient realization of organizational goals
  • Expanding into diverse markets and attracting diverse consumers, clients and/or community stakeholders
  • Improving employee, staff, volunteer and/or membership recruitment and retention rates
  • Establishing lucrative relationships with diverse communities and consumers
  • Enhancing workplace culture, environment and climate while incentivizing employee investment in your organization
  • Promoting equitable outcomes in business and decision-making practices

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