Bio For Lead DEI Consultant

About Carmen Phelps, PhD, Lead DEI & Racial Equity Consultant for Project 986

Dr. Carmen Phelps

As a DEI and racial equity practitioner, consultant, influencer and educator, Dr. Carmen Phelps has 20+ years of experience partnering with government agencies, organizations, academic institutions, businesses, faith-based initiatives and communities seeking to advance their mission by promoting DEI values for the benefit and development of their workforce and communities served, while helping them enhance their business practices and decision-making processes. A first-generation college graduate, and born and raised St. Louis, she has resided and worked in rural, suburban and urban environments and has supported clients’ efforts to engage in comprehensive assessment processes; promote racial equity in practice and outcomes; attract diverse talent to key positions; appeal to and serve diverse markets and communities; build their capacity for favorable DEI impact through the development of diverse partnerships and improve workplace culture for diverse staff. As the lead consultant for Project 986, Carmen prioritizes relationship-building and service in order to design eff­ective strategies for integrating DEI principles into organizational practices while ensuring that each process is tailored to every clients’ unique brand, mission and goals. An experienced DEI thought leader and strategic planner with a background as a researcher and educator in race, cultural and gender studies, Carmen has successfully designed and initiated results-oriented DEI-focused processes, plans, programs, workshops, trainings, dialogues, and discussions for senior leaders, people managers and staff that encourage learning, reflection, awareness and understanding as well as community-building across di­fference, ultimately inspiring organizational growth and progress as well as equitable and just outcomes for diverse staff and communities.