Equity Training

Equity Training

Now more than ever, organizations, institutions, and government agencies are investing in processes meant to promote racial equity in their business models. As part of their Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) agenda, they want to ensure equitable outcomes for racially diverse employees and external stakeholders.

Why Partner With Project 896 Consulting?

Whether your organization is looking to promote racial equity and are exploring opportunities to do so, or you are currently implementing strategic programs to support racial equity, then partner with Project 986 Consulting

We can help you make meaningful change and progress in this critical area of work in support of your racially diverse workforce and communities served.

Resources we offer to support your racial equity goals:

  • Antiracism and racial equity training and workshops
  • Strategic planning for racial equity
  • Dialogue facilitation on the subjects of relevance to racial equity, including systemic racism, oppression, white privilege, dominance and power
  • Tailored tools, strategies, and resources to promote racial equity planning
  • Coaching for leaders and supervisors seeking support while challenging dominance, power, and privilege
  • Developing change management processes to support organizational racial equity goals

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