Our Guiding Principles & Practices

Our Guiding Principles & Practices

We value the following practices to ensure that your organization’s DEI goals are supported:

  1. cultivating a supportive community of learning, reflection and growth among all members of your workforce (leaders, people managers and staff) as well as a shared vision for realizing DEI goals to drive your collective efforts
  2. meeting people “where they are” in their current knowledge, understanding and awareness of DEI-related topics, including unconscious/implicit bias, structural racism, privilege, dominance and power;
  3. ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse learning needs and to encourage ongoing investment in DEI processes;
  4. emphasizing every individual’s capacity to affect positive change in favor of DEI values and outcomes;
  5. validating the challenges associated with the process of prioritizing DEI values within your organization, while helping  clients identify existing opportunities to adjust practices, policies and processes in favor of DEI objectives.

Why Partner with Project 986 Consulting?

Now more than ever, the success or your mission-driven organization or for-profit business depends upon your ability to attract the highest talent to your workforce as well as reach and serve diverse communities, markets, customers and clients. No matter the size of your organization or your goals, mission or vision, investing in budget-friendly diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) services provided by Project 986 Consulting, LLC will increase your capacity to expand your brand, serve diverse populations and maximize your potential for growth in ever changing business climates.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” models for integrating DEI strategies into your organizational goals and dedicate ourselves to identifying practical and accessible methods for doing so that make sense for your brand.  We understand that our investment in you is essential to your success in realizing short and long-term DEI goals meant to advance your organizational and/or business brand in the following areas:

  • Integrating results-oriented DEI practices into the goal, mission and vision of your organization or business
  • Improving your efforts to recruit and retain a highly talented, diverse workforce
  • Increasing your organization’s workforce productivity and employee investment
  • Creating a supportive and welcoming workplace environment while enhancing the cultural competency of your leadership and workforce
  • Developing effective DEI marketing, advertising, community and public relations strategies
  • Expanding your services into diverse markets as well as attracting diverse customers, clients and consumers to your brand
  • Cultivate partnerships with organizations serving diverse populations
  • Promoting equitable outcomes in business and decision-making practices

Whether we’re partnering with small or larger, more complex organizations, we’re excited to design customized DEI services for the clients we serve and look forward to working with you.