Infrastructure Assessment in Boulder

Infrastructure Assessment in Boulder, CO

Understand Your Company’s Infrastructure

Diversity and equity issues don’t appear out of thin air. They’re deeply embedded within our companies’ infrastructure—our policies, hiring procedures, mission, and more—and are being reinforced without us realizing. Even if your company has functioning DEI initiatives and attempts to create a more diverse workplace, it’s imperative that you look within the company and its roots to determine if issues are persisting because of its infrastructure.

When examining your company’s infrastructure and organizational groundwork, you want to make sure your company is promoting, supporting, and activating an inclusive strategy and culture from the ground up. You might have to reimagine key processes and policies that used to work for your company that are no longer serving your employees, especially those from marginalized communities.

Organizations need to start building the infrastructure needed to support ongoing DEI efforts for a more diverse workplace and industry. Only with this supportive structure can they implement DEI practices into the fabric of their organization.

The first step in achieving racial equity in the workplace is understanding what the problem is and where it comes from. Take a good look at your policies, rules, hiring process, internal policies, and vision statement and assess existing opportunities to better align them with DEI priorities. From there, you can ask yourself whether or not you care enough about the problem and the people it harms to do something. Then comes the correction: do you know how to correct the problem and are you willing to do it?

Project 986 provides infrastructure assessments to help companies better understand their own infrastructure and internal policies that might be unintentionally harming marginalized communities and reinforcing racism, sexism, homophobia, and more. We help you review the mechanics of how you accomplish various business goals associated with your mission to propose adjustments and/or amendments to your processes in support of DEI objectives and initiatives.

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