DEI Training Programs in Fort Worth

DEI Training Programs in Fort Worth, TX

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A diverse workforce inspires creativity, promotes differing viewpoints, results in higher revenue growth, and provides individuals with a greater readiness to innovate. However, many companies are unable to determine which DEI initiatives will help them not only hire more individuals from marginalized groups, but also prioritize their inclusion in all aspects of the company.

Things like racism, sexism, and homophobia tend to be the result of structural factors—established laws, institutional practices, and cultural norms—that subconsciously reinforce discriminatory practices in the workplace. To combat this, companies should engage in DEI training and workshops with a professional consulting company focused on expanding their diversity.

Through vulnerable and sometimes intense diversity equity and inclusion consulting, managers and employees will examine how their workplace’s culture encourages discriminatory behavior by addressing personal attitudes, informal cultural norms, and formal institutional policies. Even if a company has DEI training programs in place, it’s imperative they listen to their employees from marginalized communities and prioritize their well-being to truly make a difference and dedicate themselves to DEI initiatives.

Project 986 provides DEI support, services, and coaching on best practices for not only changing attitudes but establishing institutional policies that hold individuals accountable for their decisions and actions in the workplace. Generating behavioral change starts with attitudes and a drive to do better for marginalized communities.

Our justice-centered diversity and inclusion services empower communities that are often neglected or ignored in the workplace: people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals. We break down concepts and real-life examples of inequity so employees and employers alike can look within themselves to note their own biases and strive to unlearn them so they can create a safe workspace for all.

Our diversity and inclusion in the workplace services range from performing infrastructure assessments to speaker presentations to inclusive dialogue facilitation. With Project 986, you can establish DEI initiatives and stay committed to your promise to promote and prioritize marginalized communities.

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