Inclusive Work Environment Services in San Diego, CA

Inclusive Work Environment Services in San Diego, CA

Understand the Importance of an Inclusive Work Environment

Cultural diversity in the workplace means developing a workforce that is not only comprised of but values employees from a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds. This includes different races, religions, ages, sexual orientations, educations, genders, languages and ethnicities, neurodiversity, and more. Our Inclusive work environment services aim to help in the process of creating a more diverse and welcoming workplace atmosphere to inspire growth, open-mindedness, and opportunity for all.

Here at Project 986, we serve senior business leaders, nonprofit leaders, marketers, advertisers, and more to encourage community-building and learning. Through cultural diverse workplace services we can help you and your company honor and respect the dignity, voices, and lived experiences of all individuals in your community.

It’s vital to deepen our understanding through workplace culture services that societal, institutional, and organizational norms as well as systems and structures inform life experiences and outcomes and create advantages for some while disadvantaging others.

Especially in times of economic downturn, businesses need to invest in the attraction, engagement, and retention of a diverse workforce for positive outcomes. Project 986 provides training, workshops, strategic planning, dialogue facilitation, tailored tools and strategies, and coaching for leaders and supervisors seeking support while challenging dominance, power, and privilege in the workplace. We prioritize your company’s well-being and promise to help you combat all forms of workplace discrimination and recognize the complexities of and challenges associated with this important yet inspired work.

With our services, you can guarantee higher revenue growth, greater readiness to innovate, increased ability to recruit a diverse workforce, and higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Organizations move through specific stages when combating racial equity:

  • Problem Awareness
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Empathy
  • Strategy
  • Sacrifice

Project 986 can walk you and your organization through these stages and help you identify where your company lands and determine your best course of action moving forward. Mindfulness of structural dynamics unconsciously harming marginalized communities allows us to break down the root cause of this discrimination and fight it at the source. Project 986 has your back as you begin your journey.

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