Racial Equity & Antiracism Services

Racial Equity & Antiracism Services

Racism is a Pandemic graphicNow more than ever, organizations, institutions and government agencies are investing in processes meant to promote racial equity in their business models to ensure equitable outcomes for racially diverse employees and external stakeholders and as part of their DEI agenda. Developing an understanding of the realities and adverse impact of racial bias as well as structural, systemic and institutional racism which continue to inform inequitable life outcomes for communities of color is essential to any organizational effort to promote equity in both its internal and external practices. Whether your organization is looking to take its first steps in its journey to promote racial equity and is exploring opportunities to do so, or you are currently implementing strategic programs to support racial equity, partnering with Project 986 can help you make progress in this critical area of work in support of your racially diverse workforce and communities served.

We offer the following tailored resources to support your racial equity and antiracism goals:

  • Trainings and workshops on antiracism and racial equity
  • Strategic planning for racial equity
  • Dialogue facilitation on the subjects of relevance to racial equity, including systemic racism, oppression, White privilege, dominance and power
  • Tailored tools, strategies and resources to promote racial equity planning
  • Coaching for leaders and supervisors seeking support while challenging dominance, power and privilege
  • Developing change management processes to support organizational racial equity goals

Why Partner with Project 986?

Now more than ever the mission of your organization, business or agency depends upon your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as an integral aspect of your practices and objectives.  At Project 986, we recognize the complexities of and challenges associated with this important yet inspired work and are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way as you take initial and advanced steps in your journey to transform your organization, agency or group culture, systems and practices for the purpose of meeting the needs of culturally and racially diverse employees and external stakeholders.  No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your mission, investing in affordable, tailored diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) services provided by Project 986 will increase your capacity to realize your goals for the benefit of your workforce as well as culturally diverse clients and communities served in consistently evolving business, industry and social climates.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” models for integrating DEI strategies into your organizational, agency or group goals and dedicate ourselves to identifying and designing practical and accessible methods for doing so that make sense for your brand and stakeholders.  We understand that working in partnership with you is essential to your success in supporting short and long-term DEI efforts meant to advance your organizational, agency or group goals in the following areas:

  • Transforming into an organization or agency where DEI values are embedded into and valued in all aspects of your internal and external practices
  • Aligning your organizational, agency or group vision and mission with DEI values
  • Mitigating the impact of various forms of cultural bias adversely impacting your workplace culture and the experiences of historically marginalized groups (internally and externally)
  • Supporting leadership DEI development through coaching, advising and mentoring
  • Improving your efforts to recruit and retain a diverse workforce
  • Increasing your potential to equitably and inclusively meet and respond to the needs and experiences of a culturally and racially diverse workforce
  • Prioritizing equitable outcomes in internal and external practices and processes
  • Creating a supportive and validating workplace environment for historically marginalized identities while enhancing the cultural humility and awareness of your leadership and workforce
  • Developing effective DEI marketing, advertising and community outreach strategies
  • Expanding your services into diverse markets as well as attracting diverse customers, clients and consumers to your brand
  • Cultivating mutually supportive partnerships with organizations serving and advocating for diverse populations

Whether we’re partnering with small or larger, more complex organizations, we’re excited to design customized DEI services for the clients we serve and look forward to working with you.