D&I Speaker Services

D&I Speaker and Presentation Services


When incorporating diversity and inclusion (D&I) ideals into your business or organization, your leadership and employees may need additional training, increased D&I competency and guidance to fully adopt D&I practices. Having an expert or professional introduce your employees to the workplace and organizational benefits of investing in and supporting D&I principles is an excellent low-cost, high impact way to acquaint them with D&I concepts and accessible strategies as a possible first step toward adopting D&I practices that can compel your business or organization to new heights within your industry.

Our D&I Lead Consultant can inspire and educate your business or organizational leadership and staff about the benefits of diversity and inclusion (D&I) solutions and how they are key to advancing the mission and goals of your respective departments and/or divisions as well as your company’s overall brand so that you can realize or sustain your competitive edge in your industry. We will work closely with you to identify a D&I presentation that is engaging, effective and educational for your organization leaving leadership, employees, and stakeholders with valuable insights and ideas for profitable implementation.

D&I speaker and presentation services designed by Project 986 Consulting support business/organizational and departmental workplace goals by:

  • Inspiring workforce leadership development and workplace productivity and investment among employees while introducing D&I concepts meant to advance your organizational brand and divisional goals
  • Increasing employees’ capacity to improve sales, marketing, advertising and public relations goals through by acquainting them with low-cost, high impact yet accessible D&I cultural competency resources that can be integrated into every aspect of your organizational practices
  • Providing results-oriented, practical tools to support your organization’s goal to attract, recruit and retain highly talented, diverse thought leadership and employees as well as enhance workplace culture and environment in order to increase workforce capacity and position your organization as a leader in your respective industry

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Why Partner with Project 986 Consulting?

Now more than ever, the success or your organization or business depends upon your ability to attract the highest talent to your workforce as well as reach and serve diverse markets, customers and clients.  No matter the size of your organization or your goals, mission or vision, investing in budget-friendly diversity and inclusion (D&I) services provided by Project 986 Consulting, LLC will increase your capacity to expand your brand and maximize your potential for growth in ever changing business climates.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” models for integrating D&I strategies into your organizational goals and dedicate ourselves to identifying practical and accessible methods for doing so that make sense for your brand.  We understand that our investment in you is essential to your success in realizing short and long-term D&I goals meant to advance your organizational and/or business brand in the following areas:

  • Attracting highly talented, diverse qualified thought leaders and employees to influential, key positions within your organization
  • Expanding your services into diverse markets as well as attracting diverse customers, clients and consumers to your brand
  • Integrating results-oriented D&I practices into the goal, mission and vision of your organization or business
  • Improving your efforts to recruit and retain a highly talented, diverse workforce
  • Increasing your organization’s workforce productivity and employee investment
  • Creating a supportive and welcoming workplace environment while enhancing the cultural competency of your leadership and workforce
  • Developing effective D&I marketing, advertising, community and public relations strategies

Whether we’re partnering with small or larger, more complex organizations, we’re excited to design customized D&I services for the clients we serve and look forward to working with you.

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