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I admire your ability to do this in such an empathic, yet clear way.  I didn’t expect to be challenged by this, but I am.  I appreciate your work in opening more of our eyes.

Financial Services Professional Maryland

Thank you so very much for leading our team through the racial equity session yesterday. It was quite special. To do it via video yet be so real. Kudos to you for your commitment and ability. We appreciate it.

Affordable Housing Policy Analyst Ohio

Thank you so much, Carmen! We must all be better. This is a great step in the right direction.

Communications Professional Massachusetts

The conversation today was personally very important to me, and I could see how important it was to so many of our colleagues. Thank you.

Senior Leader, Tech Industry Utah

We had a tremendous time in our training and I am hopeful that now our team is able to identify specific instances in our strategy given all that we learned from you.  Thanks so much!

Community Development/Non-profit Professional OR

Thank you so much for delivering such a wonderful and important workshop. Your warmth and presence came through even though we were meeting virtually and not face to face, and opened up a space for our employees to engage and share in a truly meaningful way. We’re so grateful.

Senior Leader, Healthcare Industry CA

The scores from the DEI training for our group were the highest we’ve received to date … comments were sincere and very complimentary.

HR Professional Maryland

While I’ve heard about many of these topics before, Carmen’s way of communicating ideas really sent certain ideas home for me. I trust her language and word choices and feel like she is someone I could/should model.

IT Professional Maryland

Carmen did an awesome job of breaking down various concepts and also tying them to real-life examples which made it much easier to not only comprehend the ideas but also leave with specific areas where we could immediately begin to think deeper and hopefully apply some long-term changes

IT Professional Maryland

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