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Strategic Planning

We work with you to draft DEI and racial equity strategic plans so you can spearhead transformational change for your organization.

Draft Strategic DEI & Racial Equity Plans

An effective DEI and racial equity strategic plan should reflect a commitment to the principles and outcomes you outline with the intention to realize for the benefit of staff, stakeholders, clients, and communities served.

An important part of the planning process is ensuring it’s informed by the voices, perspectives, and lived experiences of those you intend to support and impact.

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Spearhead Transformational Change

Project 986 works in partnership with you to guide and facilitate a multi-step, inclusive process culminating in achievable yet progressive DEI and racial equity outcomes. Commitment to such a strategy should realize transformational change for your organization, agency, or group.

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Our Strategic Plans

A comprehensive DEI and racial equity strategic plan from Project 986 includes the following:



The primary goals to which your organization will hold itself accountable

Solar Structure


A framework that articulates the extent to which all areas of your organization will be engaged in your processes, internally and externally



The strategies meant to support the realization of your goals



An expectation for benchmarking in order to clarify your organization’s current status in key areas of DEI/racial equity interest as well as what progress will look like given your current reality/status



Realistic timelines during which you expect to actualize goals and/or milestones



An outreach component meant to ensure that community-centered perspectives are shaping/influencing your plan, goals, and strategies

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