Our Philosophy & Principles

Inspired by the Average Body Temperature for Human Beings

Project 986, LLC was inspired by the average body temperature for humans (98.6 degrees), a point of connection between all people, regardless of their apparent differences.

This reality encourages community-building according to shared values and respect for the dignity, voices, and lived experiences of all individuals.

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A Holistic, Justice-centered Approach to Designing DEI & Racial Equity Services

Many large consulting firms attempt to implement “one-size-fits-all” DEI techniques. But to us, honoring DEI, racial equity and justice-centered values means customizing our approach according to our diverse clientele.

Embracing DEI and racial equity doesn’t have to come at the cost of your organization’s unique identity, culture, or competitive edge. With a focus on foundational, systematic initiatives, we help you establish DEI, racial equity and justice-centered values that are sustainable and achievable.

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We value the following principles to ensure that our clients’ DEI and racial equity goals are met:


Cultivating a supportive community of learning, reflection and growth among all members of your workforce (leaders, people managers and staff) as well as a shared vision for realizing DEI and racial equity goals to drive your collective efforts.


Meeting people “where they are” in their current knowledge, understanding and awareness of DEI-related topics, including unconscious/implicit bias, structural racism, privilege, dominance and power.


Ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse learning needs and to encourage ongoing investment in DEI and racial equity processes.


Emphasizing every individual’s capacity to affect positive change in favor of DEI and racial equity values and outcomes.


Validating the challenges associated with the process of prioritizing DEI and racial equity values within your organization, while helping clients identify existing opportunities to adjust practices, policies and processes in favor of DEI and racial equity objectives.

Drive Transformative Change

Wield our DEI and racial equity advisory services and find the perfect solution for your organization’s needs.

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