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Workshops, Trainings & Dialogues

We design customized, interactive, and transformative educational experiences for your employees, partners, clients and communities.

Custom, Interactive, & Transformative Educational Experiences

Project 986 is ready to design and facilitate tailored interactive experiences for your organization – from shorter, 90-minute sessions to longer, full- and multi-day programs.

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For Employees, Partners, Clients and Communities

Project 986 designs and facilitates capacity-building, interactive DEI and racial equity trainings, workshops, dialogues designed to meet the various needs and experience levels of clients.

We’re ready to work with clients who are taking their initial steps to invest in DEI and racial equity values as well as those seeking more advanced approaches to deepen their investment in DEI processes.

Diversity Consulting

Our Popular Topics

Popular topics which can be facilitated as short and longer interactive sessions as well as for diverse competency levels and stages of organizational, agency, or group development include:


Aligning Organizational Practices & Outcomes with DEI Values: From Learning to Action


Understanding & Challenging White Dominant Culture & Its Impact on Institutions, Organizations & Communities


Introduction to Levels of Racism: Promoting Racial Equity (Internally & Externally)


All-staff Visioning Process: Designing an Inclusive, Equitable Pathway Forward in Your Organization’s DEI/Racial Equity Efforts


Understanding & Confronting Various Forms of Unconscious Cultural Bias & Their Impact on Organizational Cultures/Practices


Organizational/Agency/Group Leaders Modeling Justice-centered Values in Behaviors, Interactions & Communication

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