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We carefully assess your policies and practices to identify improvement areas, inform strategy changes, and optimize for DEI objectives.

Inspired by the Average Body Temperature for Human Beings

Project 986, LLC was inspired by the average body temperature for humans (98.6 degrees), a point of connection between all people, regardless of their apparent differences.

This reality encourages community-building according to shared values and respect for the dignity, voices, and lived experiences of all individuals.

DEI and Racial Equity Consulting

Our holistic, justice-centered approach to providing DEI services prioritizes the whole of every individual we serve – from their personal histories to their values, beliefs and lived experiences shaped by internal and external factors.

In addition, we acknowledge the connectedness of all humans and facilitate processes that encourage individual and group reflection on shared and unique needs and goals in order to support the transformation of group dynamics and practices in favor of realizing desired DEI and justice-centered goals.

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